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M-Carlo Night @ Flower Tokyo [Oct. 31st, 2008|01:02 am]
So... on Wednesday night, I was planning to go to King & Queen again for their 70's & 80's mix night buuuuuuuut they had some special event going on and only those on the list were allowed to be there, so I ended up going to the M-Carlo event at Flower Tokyo which was fine since it was pretty much across the street from King & Queen.

I saw the flyer the night before when I went to Disco 90's again, and saw that the theme was "Ginza Oldies". I figured I'd go anyway just to check it out... and it was DEFINATELY oldies (the majority were from the 70's disco era) and I think I may have been one of the probably less than 5% of the people there who were under 30 years old. Most of the people who were dancing were dancing the way my parent's friends dance during family events and such, but I was fine with that (more so that my parents were not present hahaha).

But it was a fun event anyways, despite that I had no idea the routines to the dances were, but since most of the people I was dancing with were over 40, they were very easy to pick up. e.g. stepping back and forth to Tavares - It Only Takes A Minute. I wasn't able to video tape these, but I got some videos uploaded only one does feature dancing though, but its still awesome watching that salaryman going at it, and he was doing that for about an hour or so. Also, I saw at least two guys there who had rockabilly hair, conservative, but still... awesome!