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Techno & Eurobeat Nonstop (The SR Terrible Mix) [Jun. 9th, 2009|10:20 am]
[Current Music |ravex Feat. Boa - Believe In Love]

Just something I did for fun, the transitions are crappy (even for cross fade mixes), the sound levels are all over the place... but! The songs are good, so at least enjoy that XD I should really get a different mixing program or something...

Megaupload Download Link!


1. 155th Street - R.G.M.
2. KRG - Techno Syndrome (Final Command Mix)
3. DJ Zorro - El Paso (Mission "HMX" Remix)
4. Cybertoy - Icedoll
5. DJ Spark - Phenomena
6. The Program - Gangsta
7. Masaha Suzuki Feat. Vito - 1-2-3-4 Rico
8. Metal Minded Maniacs - Power
9. 94 Sale - Jump
10. 94 Sale - Success
11. Dee Spider Feat. Margaret - Tokyo How Are You Tonight
12. The Cave Gang - Lolly Pop
13. DJ Penn Feat. Marlene - Come On Move It
14. Atoozi - Seesaw
15. Stop & Go - Your Love
16. Toby Ask - Bad Boy Blue
17. Gino Caria - Heroes Of Fantasy
18. Tommy K. - You Need A Lover
19. Lolita - Because I Need You
20. Tri-Star - Dancing In Maharaja
21. Lolita - Baby Baby Blue
22. D.Essex - Restless & Wild
23. Pretty Woman - Sweet Heart
24. Nantenman - Nanten Nodo Ame No Uta (SCP Eurobeat Version)
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NEW YEAR!! [Jan. 4th, 2009|09:27 pm]
[Current Music |Network Red - Russian Melody]

Yeah... 4 days late or something eh?

Anyways, Happy New Year! This year will definately be interesting, especially if I decide to do some stuff I was thinking of doing in December... well we'll see...

Exchange rate is still exhorbitantly high, I've still been getting new SEBs and shit but it's mostly to add to an order for other stuff I want to get but gets OOP really quickly for some reason...

First GETS Of 2009Collapse )

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Christmas TAIMMMMU [Dec. 25th, 2008|12:06 am]
[Current Music |Cave - Street Carnival]

Merry christmas to all who see this XD

Below is one of my favourite christmas songs, hope you like it too =D

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Nippon-A-GoGo! GETS! [Nov. 13th, 2008|09:45 pm]
[Current Music |Aleph - Fire On The Moon]



EDIT: Updated with Eurobeat GETS (not that much though :x)
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Nippon-A-GoGo! All Photos Edition!! [Nov. 12th, 2008|05:56 pm]
[Current Music |Swing Out Sister - Now You're Not Here]

Since I've already uploaded them on facebook and I figure, why not?

Here are most of the photos I took while in Japan! Some of the omitted stuff is mostly city shots and shit like that. So here we go!

Nippon-A-GoGo! Part 1 - Shinjuku, Kamoi and Shibuya

Nippon-A-GoGo! Part 2 - On The Shinkansen To Hakata

Nippon-A-GoGo! Part 3 - Hakata

Nippon-A-GoGo! Part 4 - Tokyo & Ikebukuro

Nippon-A-GoGo! Part 5 - Toyota Auto Salon & Sunshine 60 Building

Nippon-A-GoGo! Part 6 - Sunshine 60 Aquarium

Nippon-A-GoGo! Part 7 - Ikebukuro, Roppongi & Akihabara

Nippon-A-GoGo! Part 8 - Edo-Tokyo Museum

Nippon-A-GoGo! Part 9 - Edo-Tokyo Museum

Nippon-A-GoGo! Part 10 - Kouenji, Shinjuku & Osaka

Nippon-A-GoGo! Part 11 - Namba

Nippon-A-GoGo! Part 12 - Dotonbori Gokuraku Shoten-Gai

Nippon-A-GoGo! Part 13 - Intex Osaka & Osaka Castle Park

Nippon-A-GoGo! Part 14 - Osaka Castle

Nippon-A-GoGo! Part 15 - Asakusa

Nippon-A-GoGo! Part 16 - Yokohama

Nippon-A-GoGo! Part 17 - Yokohama

Nippon-A-GoGo! Part 18 - Harajuku & Meguro

Nippon-A-GoGo! Part 19 - Meguro, Ginza & Shibuya

Nippon-A-GoGo! Final Stage - Harajuku, Roppongi & Narita Airport

Well, that's it! Might post my GETS later...
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Nippon-A-GoGo! Photozzz ENGRISH EDITION! [Nov. 8th, 2008|10:22 pm]
[Current Music |UB40 - Red Red Wine]

Well, like I did last year, here are some photos from my trip :) Though its mostly for photos I took from funny Engrish or just weird signs and stuff I saw, I don't think I'll bore you with a full photo description of my trip XDDDD. So without further ado....

Click Heeeere!Collapse )
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M-Carlo Night @ Flower Tokyo [Oct. 31st, 2008|01:02 am]
So... on Wednesday night, I was planning to go to King & Queen again for their 70's & 80's mix night buuuuuuuut they had some special event going on and only those on the list were allowed to be there, so I ended up going to the M-Carlo event at Flower Tokyo which was fine since it was pretty much across the street from King & Queen.

I saw the flyer the night before when I went to Disco 90's again, and saw that the theme was "Ginza Oldies". I figured I'd go anyway just to check it out... and it was DEFINATELY oldies (the majority were from the 70's disco era) and I think I may have been one of the probably less than 5% of the people there who were under 30 years old. Most of the people who were dancing were dancing the way my parent's friends dance during family events and such, but I was fine with that (more so that my parents were not present hahaha).

But it was a fun event anyways, despite that I had no idea the routines to the dances were, but since most of the people I was dancing with were over 40, they were very easy to pick up. e.g. stepping back and forth to Tavares - It Only Takes A Minute. I wasn't able to video tape these, but I got some videos uploaded only one does feature dancing though, but its still awesome watching that salaryman going at it, and he was doing that for about an hour or so. Also, I saw at least two guys there who had rockabilly hair, conservative, but still... awesome!

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Maharaja Fukuoka! Chozen Parapara Event Videos [Oct. 22nd, 2008|10:17 pm]
[Current Music |Some Japanese TV show]

Well, I went to the event... aaaaaand it was empty as there were like 5 or so people who were regularly on the dancefloor. It was kinda funny that most of the set was Eurobeat and one token Techno set with like 8 songs (and half were DJ Zorro stuff XDDD). So glad they played a lot of Para Para Paradise stuff, so I could actually join in without having to try and copy off someone else hahahaha

Well here are the videos :)

Also went to King & Queen for Disco 90s yesterday... they totally didnt have enough space for everyone, most of the Eurobeat was 2nd boom stuff, but that was ok since most of them are incredibly easy hahaha
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Nippon-A-Go-Go! Events [Sep. 11th, 2008|07:05 pm]
[Current Music |Sara - If You Stay]

Looks like I got some stuff I can do / want to do!

Take the Shinkansen on the 18th down to Hiroshima and go to Jump Festa on the 19th. Maybe also stop over at Osaka on the 18th to do some stuff, since I'd be changing trains there (at least at Shin-Osaka) anyways.


UPDATE: Well the above has now gone down the drain :( oh well...

Maaaaaaaybe go down to Maharaja Fukuoka afterwards


Go to Cinema Sunshine at Ikebukuro sometime during the trip to watch the new Fist Of The North Star movie... YOU wa SHOCK!!


Go to King & Queen in Roppongi on the 28th for Disco 90's. If my last day wasn't the 31st, I would've definately wanna check out the Halloween Party on the 31st, just to see whats it's like hahah


That's it for now, hopefully I find more stuff I can do later.


Forgot some other stuff I have links for which I wanna go to if/when I have time.

Tobu World Square: http://www.tobuws.co.jp/default_en.html
Edo-Tokyo Museum: http://www.edo-tokyo-museum.or.jp/english/index.html
Bandai Museum: http://www.bandai-museum.jp/index2.html
Edo Wonderland: http://www.edowonderland.net/home.html
Osamu Tezuka Museum: http://en.tezuka.co.jp/tomm/info.html

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Funny Shit [Aug. 27th, 2008|07:03 pm]
[Current Music |Jeff Driller - Ahy-Ahy-Ahy-Ah]

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